Courier Hiring Issues in TCS Pakistan

Article Summary

The overall study is on ‘retention rate and hiring issues in TCS’ which is led by many background variables and indicators. All these indicators and their data is given in the report. The methodology used in the report is 200 personnel profile data based and its analysis results shows the reasons behind the problems.

In last the many alternative solutions used by company are discussed and recommendations are presented based on the understanding to the problems.

Problem statement

Following are the main problems TCS facing currently.

  1. Courier retention rate
  2. Courier hiring issues

The nature of the problem is the overall performance issues of TCS in Islamabad and Rawalpindi areas.

Courier Hiring Issues in TCS Pakistan
Courier Hiring Issues in TCS Pakistan

Retention of courier in specific area of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are creating trouble in the performance of an employee which leads towards overall increasing the number of complaints.

Numbers of shipment in avg. are less as compared to other areas, Courier generate less incentive through that area’s and left the organization between 1 to 3-month period.

Overburdens one courier is about disturbing his work life balance, stress, and the performance said earlier just because of having extra responsibilities. Finding new couriers is also a challenge in these two cities. Because of Incentive model salary structure, No career path.

Hard job, which leads to overburdening the existing couriers, as company have to deliver the parcel. To run business smoothly required couriers and existing couriers are not the same in number and shortfall is always there.

Following are the indicators which cause the problems to occur are given below.



All the data required to find out the solution of the problems has been collected via private documents and interview from the operational manager MR, Masood Qazi and all of the data is Fictional based to secure the privacy of the organization.


We have collected the overall profile information of 240 existing and new employees along with the former employees through exit interviews.


Following are the concluded results of all the data we have calculated.

Courier Hiring Issues in TCS Pakistan
Courier Hiring Issues in TCS Pakistan
Courier Hiring Issues in TCS Pakistan
Courier Hiring Issues in TCS Pakistan



There are following possible solutions company is trying to implement.

1. First responding to the retention problem of sector G Islamabad,

  • Company is giving them high incentives
  • Providing them extra shipments to get extra rewards,
  • It also provides extra facilities health insurance, proper uniform and petrol expenditure.

2. It’s also giving proper training to reach all customer needs and to find addresses in all areas of Rawalpindi during recruitment interviews.

3. To the currier hiring issues company is trying herd.

  • They are advertising in all newspapers
  • Trying to connect via social media
  • They also hired a private company to get better outcomes about hiring problems.

We would like to recommend following methods to resolves these issues

  1. Revise their incentive plans
  2. Improve key performance indicators to work better
  3. Make personal connections with school graduates’ interviews to attract them for job offerings
  4. Specially go for middle class and low class 10th pass employees and train them, maybe they could be a valuable source and work in TCS for longer duration.

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