Impact of Population on Economic Growth of Pakistan

What Is Population

The population is a summation of all the organisms of the same group or species living in a specific area.

What is Economic Growth
  • Economic growth refers to growth in all the basic variables of the economy of any country e.g. GDP, GNP, TRADE & INVESTMENTS, etc.
  • In other words, it is a measure of the expansion of the economy over time.
Significance of Study
  1. The main objective is to show how the population of any country affects its economic activities.
  2. The topic is very much focused by governments & as well as scientific communities for many decades.
  3. This topic holds much significance for developing & low-income countries.
  4. In Pakistan population turns to be a serious threat to our economy.
Data Analysis
  • Demography in Pakistan was last time held in 1998, after that no demography could be held in Pakistan.
  • Current population of Pakistan is 221,403,906 (over 200 million) [Woldo meters report]
  • Pakistan ranked six in the list of countries by population.
  • Pakistan’s population is equivalent to 2.57% of the total world population. [United Nation report]
GDP Growth in Pakistan
  1. GDP growth is recorded at 4.24% in 2015. which is 0.21% high as compared to the year 2014. [Pakistan bureau of statistics]
  2. The inflation rate is recorded at 4.17% in 2016 which was 1.61% in the year 2015. [Pakistan bureau of statistics]
  3. The population density of Pakistan is 250 people per kilometre squire in 2016. [United Nations report]
  4. The population dependency ratio is 60.4%. [CIA world fact book]


  • The population may have negative or positive impacts on the economy.
  • Growing population increases dependent which results from an increase in consumption and a decrease in savings.
  • When the savings decrease local Investments will also come down.
  • ⇑  Consumption  ⇒   Saving  ⇓  Investment ⇓

The positive impact of the population on the economy is that if the adult population increases it increases the labour force which can increase the total output of the country.

The biggest example is China. They used their human resource in a productive manner to increase the output of their economy.

Impact of population in Pakistan
  • The impact of the population in Pakistan is negative.
  • Per ca-pita income is decreasing.
  • Increasing unemployment.
  • Increasing food inflation.
  • Growing population lowering the standard of living.
  1. The government should take some steps to control the population.
  2. Need some legislative actions against child marriages, child labour & beggary.
  3. Proper enforcement of the law to ensure that parents should not sell their children or send them out for child labour.
  4.  Eradicate poverty because poor countries have the highest population growth.
  5. Increase literacy.
  6. Technical education for unskilled people to make them part of the positive economic activities.
  7. Easy and cheap availability of contraceptives can also play a vital role to control the population.

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